Hiring Employees for a Business Project

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While hiring employees for a project, it will be vital to make sure that they can function as a team. To do this, I will inquire about their work experience, firstly in the field itself, and secondly, about their interpersonal interaction abilities. The employees’ knowledge of foreign languages ​​is an essential component of their professional qualities, which will be helpful in the project. However, I am much more concerned about how open they are to multicultural interaction.

The question is whether they are ready to learn while working and whether they are tolerant of each other’s differences. The advantage of working in such a multicultural company is the emergence of a unique interaction experience between people of different lifestyles. In addition, there is an accelerated search for solutions to problems in such a team since, during brainstorming, unique ideas will be born.

I am very impressed with the idea that such a team can use global talent. Indeed, there is no need to be limited to the framework of one country. Especially if there is an opportunity and need to combine the knowledge of specialists from many countries. In this situation, it is impossible to refuse the use of Internet technologies. Therefore, as my colleague correctly noted, a semi-virtual team should be created. Moreover, the need to interact in different time zones imposes this hiring system on managers.

I am not sure that we will always be in touch and receive feedback from our remote employees on time, but this is not a reason to give up the idea of ​​having a team leader in another time zone. Moreover, even if specific difficulties arise with the transfer of information at the initial stage, they will be quickly resolved within a week period.