Benefits and Employee Relations in US Military Field

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American military personnel already have significant privileges over other citizens of the country. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs highlights that the Pentagon is increasing the benefits package. All military personnel and veterans remain eligible for lifetime medical insurance paid in full from the federal budget. Moreover, this includes complex and expensive operations such as plastic surgery, which can be performed at the Ministry of Defense account. It also compensates for a significant part of the costs associated with their treatment in specialized civil medical institutions if the hospital cannot provide the necessary assistance. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the state entirely undertakes the deceased’s funeral and the U.S. Army’s dead soldier. The U.S. military is entitled to free housing or a tax-exempt apartment. In case it does not belong to the employee but is rented, he or she receives compensation for the costs of hiring it.

At the same time, the U.S. Department of Defense is faced with severe problems in recruiting the armed forces. Consequently, it decided to significantly increase the moral and material incentives to attract new human resources to the army ranks and retain soldiers and officers who had already received combat experience. Thus, concerning the administration of benefits, a decision was made to practically triple the size of the lump-sum allowance paid to service members after the first contract or its extension. In the presence of vacant positions in some scarce specialties, the next military ranks assignment is provided. The maximum amount of guarantees on loans to military personnel for housing, additional discounts on tuition fees, and free legal support was increased.