Training, Developing, and Evaluating Employees in Military

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For military missions in the Navy, soldiers are trained in physical fitness basics and prepared to withstand stress throughout their service as officers, especially when in a difficult situation. One of the basic requirements for physical fitness is the development of the need for daily exercise. For instance, one of the best training systems is “High-Intensity Tactical Training” (HITT), described as “a comprehensive combat-specific strength and conditioning program essential to Marine’s physical development, combat readiness, and resiliency. According to Christopher et al., this training plan was developed by the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC). There are some positive effects of such a program; for instance, these are the low cost of implementation and the capability to organize physical skills components. Besides, it helps employees’ development as this program includes strength benefits and health outcomes outperforming those obtained from standard military physical practice.

Concerning performance evaluation, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of the overall management of the army’s HR. At the same time, personnel assessment aims to study the level of preparation of an employee to perform activities, the level of opportunities, and prospects for growth. Navy Regulations require that records be maintained on Navy personnel, which consider their fitness for the service and performance of duties. These records combine FITREPs on officers, CHIEFEVALs on chief petty officers (CPOs), and EVALs on other enlisted personnel. They are used for job progress, including the preference for promotion, high-level training, specialization, and responsible duty assignments. The effectiveness depends on several key variables – employees’ ability, motivation, objective capabilities, and the assessment process’s correct organization. Inadequate employee appraisal systems continue to be a fundamental problem in naval personnel management.