Best Food Superstores’ Negative Customer Experience


This report was written concerning a client’s letter to food stores who noticed gross injustices carried out by workers. Brenda was touched by these acts of dishonest and decided to come out clear and fight for customers’ rights because some managers have no idea of how their workers take advantage of customers, hence stealing their cash. She had taken enough time to compare services provided by several organizations and summarize how each food store treated customers.

In some cases, it was intentional hence portraying a terrifically low image in marketing since it kills customer loyalty towards given products. These deeds motivated her to write to the president of the best food superstores to ensure that they know that some customers are wise enough to understand what their employees are doing to steal. She felt that making the manager know about these actions will improve services as they will caution their employees against such illegal behaviors.

Statement of issues

In these stores, there were several issues that undermined the dignity of customers whenever they went shopping in these food outlets. For example, prices were scanned at higher levels than those described from the shelves. This means that a customer can pick up an item worth $5 and be charged $7 at the counter. This may be intentional with cashiers out to make money for their own in a threatening manner. If the customer fails to notice, these employees may take those items and record them as claims fostered by customers. This is unethical because these people are paid to serve customers, but they eventually turn to con them of their cash.

Also, companies have policies regarding what should be done when customers are overcharged at the counter. In some stores, when customers notice that there is an overcharge, employees just adjust prices, ignoring the policy of the company. This creates a terrible image for the company, and when customers realize how things happen, they may decide to quit purchasing from such joints.

Situational analysis

In this case, Brenda used to shop in three firms that offered similar products, and she had various experiences from each of the three food shops. She ended up analyzing the number of times she has been mistreated by employees in each shop. Therefore, it is clear that some errors happen out of employee knowledge, while others happen intentionally. Public relations are also another essential aspect of this analysis.

Brenda writes how an employee in a food store used abusive language when they were told to confirm the prices of items bought. The employee went unwillingly and spent much time without caring whether the customer had other businesses. This can be very dangerous because customers may be kept off by some behaviors, such as the use of abusive languages. Customers prefer shopping in places where they have received an inhospitable manner instead of areas where employees do not know how to relate with people.

In fact, the situation in the three food stores was such that employees did not care about respecting customers. In some stores, it happened as if the management collaborated with the employees whenever an overcharge occurred. Brenda recalls a situation where a supervisor and a manager were called to solve an issue regarding company policy on the overcharging of customers. They all had differing opinions raising concerns on the communication channel used in the store.

Analysis of alternatives

There are several alternatives one can opt for in case food stores turn to be conmen. For example, there are other competitors of such stores who offer quality services; therefore, customers may decide to turn to them. This means that firms should ensure that they communicate well with their customers to retain them hence remaining profitable. There are some stores that are very well-coordinated, and company policies followed strictly, and these are the best places one can turn to whenever they discover irresponsible behaviors in their regular shopping areas.

Customers should think of going to places where employees are responsible and treat them with the required hospitality hence having them appreciate the value of their money. Food stores must ensure that employees respond to customer issues with dire concern, therefore proving to them that it was indeed a mistake. Customers like people who are honest to admit their mistakes and seek forgiveness, as opposed to those who strive to justify their evil deeds.


It is recommended that managers carry out surveys to find out how employees are running their stores. They should develop a feedback system that will enable customers to leave comments on what they feel about services offered by the store’s staff. This is very important because managers will know exactly what needs to be done to ensure customers leave their stores happy. Managers should make sure that company policies apply to all customers regardless of whether they know them or not.

For instance, if a customer is overcharged accidentally and they realize, the employee should follow what the company says about overcharging customers and refund the amount as required. Customers should be asked to confirm what is on their receipts after every purchase to make sure that they are charged the correct prices of their items.


It is unfortunate for food stores to steal from their customers because this can damage their image. As a result, these customers may decide to try other joints hence leaving the organization unprofitable. Therefore, managers should be very keen on what they give to their customers in terms of services. They should ensure that employees provide quality services to employees, as that is why they are being paid. Food stores should be ready to apologize to their customers whenever something happens erroneously hence creating a sense of responsibility to their customers.