The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Source Inc.’s Analysis

Brent started EMS in Saskatoon to present a sensible marketing workbook that was to be used by undersized businesses in Canada and the United States. This could help the diminutive business owners with no marketing skill build strategies customized to their sole business states.

Problem statement

Brent had no source of income to carry on business. The initial hold up occurred when he loomed his bank for a loan to instigate EMS Company. The commercial financier, on the other hand, ordered a workbook would take a number of days to build up and made proposals that EMS put forward personalized, promotion consulting services to undersized production customers in Saskatoon. Furthermore, Brent lacked currency to lounge an image campaign for EMS (Lodish et al 111). On the contrary, compared to bigger corporations, the small ventures time and again lacked depth and know-how in numerous trade functions, as well as marketing. In fact, a lot of minute venture owners are impossible to differentiate what actually marketing is and how to transmit it to their situation of affairs. Another chief problem encountered by Brent is competition. The city has other ventures that offer the same market services.

Situation analysis

The country where Brent stays is democratic as its citizens have the freedom to conduct their businesses freely. Brent was brought up by the middle class parents and struggled to maintain his life in the university level. When he was in the institution of higher education, he graduated with his business degree in marketing. Other small business owners did not own any superfluous business skills. This gives Brent a better chance to operate EMS as he qualifies and has the necessary skills and techniques in that sector. Looking at the city which Brent is intending to start his business, it is the largest of all in Saskatchewan and therefore it qualifies to be a business center for EMS. Diving into the product, it is clear that the product is not yet introduced into the market.

When a discussion group was accomplished, the petite business owners approved that they had an insufficient thought of marketing concepts and felt that a marketing chart was too theoretical and tough to apply. More so they pointed out that they were too busy to interpret lengthy books concerning marketing but became excited when Brent introduced a sample of his workbook and led the cluster in a premeditated planning seminar. This evidently indicated that his workbook would be a success. The only bother with Brent is that different firms may come up and issue a resembling invention aiming at related marketplace (Crane 67). This will bring about marvelous losses and render the business opportunity invalid.

Alternatives available

Brent sees that when he lines up with Imagine, he can benefit. He would have a right of entry to imagines’ clients and most of them are bigger than those he presently had. Even though his friends of Imagine could not allow him to view their private records, he was trusted by the fellows in that venture. Furthermore, the customers favored Brent as he wrote clear business strategies that gave room for the small ventures to concentrate on the profit giving part of the business. An additional option is that if EMS does not go into coalition with Imagine, Brent can diminish his sound out time by fascinating fewer clients and come to the end with writing the manual in the go down.

The workbook would be sold through a two part direct reply movement. First, direct response will be sited in magazines where the miniature business owners are likely to read. Direct mail may also be used to produce orders. The mail section would have a magazine style article on a small business topic and a portrayal of the workbook. Lastly, Brent could not only market his workbook in his country alone but will also take it to the United States and other interested countries.

Looking at all the chances of the new product to be effective, therefore, it is recommendable that Brent concentrates much on the publication of the workbook to make sure that it is not delayed (Machado 89). Brent should not enter into alliance with Imagine since he can avoid consulting with them so as to finish publishing the workbook within the shortest time possible. In addition, the other working network system of the corporation should maintained because it may be useful when sending and receiving mails monthly. Furthermore, the workbooks may also be sold and advertised through this system, hence, saving the cost of production and mail when sending to Canada or the US.


It is therefore, doubtless that whenever all these ideas are implemented the marketing of the work book will be successful. The EMS Company would make tremendous profits. Consequently, the small and the medium corporations will have enough time for the staff to carry on with marketing. They will operate with full marketing plan in place. The country will also benefit as it will earn foreign exchange from the other countries like the United States, which receives the same services, hence, raising the country’s economy. Lastly, Saskatchewan will be well known for high technology and being the pioneers of the market plan.

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