BMW Group: Social Responsibility and Sustainability

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BMW, also known as BMW AG or BMW Group, is a publicly-traded company that specializes in manufacturing vehicles. The company utilizes a broad social responsibility program that focuses on reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and increasing the quality of life for BMW associates and society (BMW Group, n.d.). The company’s website section devoted to social responsibility provides an overview that captures why sustainability presents an essential factor in BMW’s activity and other individual articles about BMW’s responsibility goals. The company’s statement addresses the question of environmental impact in describing BMW’s commitment to neutralizing the climate change processes through reduced levels of CO2 emissions and focusing on electric vehicles (BMW Group, n.d.). According to information provided on the company’s website, the sustainability steps include revising the entire production cycle from the supply chain to using the finished products and replacing all details with more sustainable options. Therefore, the company’s social responsibility acts primarily focus on reducing the environmental impact of both the company’s activity and the use of the finished product.

In addition to the focus on sustainability, in addressing the social aspect of corporate responsibility, the company strives to improve the working conditions and employee diversity. As one of their goals, the company stated that they are working to increase the proportion of women in management positions and workforce to support equality (BMW Group, n.d.). The initiatives include promoting engineering professions among the younger audience through camping and internship programs (BMW Group, n.d.). Reflecting on what the management has done so far, I recommend focusing more on existing employees and introducing management training programs curated for women. Thus, the company will have an opportunity to increase the proportion of women in management positions by developing the skills of employees who are already familiar with the company and its activities.


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