Brooklyn Community Service’s Capital Budgeting

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Capital budgeting is the procedure through which a company evaluates possible large projects and investments. A new plant’s development or a large investment with an outside enterprise are two instances of undertakings that would need capital planning prior to getting authorized or denied. Capital budgeting is sometimes referred to as investment assessment. According to Keeler (2020), “effective budgeting is imperative for a simulation program to remain focused on strategy and goals, as well as highlight where the program should allocate short and long-term resources” (p. 39). An operating budget is a comprehensive prediction of a company’s taxes and expenditure over a specified time period. Organizations often develop an operational budget near the conclusion of the fiscal year to illustrate projected activities for the next year. A cash budget is an estimate of a company’s cash flows over a certain period. This might be a budget for a week, month, sector, or year. This budgeting determines if the organization has enough resources to keep functioning within the specified time range. The cash budget informs a firm on its financial requirements and assists in determining an optimal cash allocation.

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This project will build on health education as part of the Brooklyn Community Service Daytime Disability Program, namely on the topic of diabetes and hypertension. In my opinion, the cash budget will be the most profitable in the field of day training programs. This method of budgeting will help you immediately see the response of the community. Since the program covers broad issues, funding from the state can be expected. The costs by the standards of large projects will be small; it is assumed $6,000. This amount will be able to cover all expenses in the form of books, films, blanks for filling and additional smaller costs.


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