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The instructional challenges of the program will include the distance barrier because the organization needs to offer training to the managers running its entities in different parts of the world. This challenge will be eliminated by providing the training program through an online platform. However, this will introduce the second challenge, which will involve the establishment of the specific needs of the respective managers. There is an assumption that every regional manager will have the capability to access the online platform selected for the training program. However, it will be imperative to analyze the learning capabilities of every stakeholder in the training program to facilitate alternative training approaches.

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The primary objective of the program will be to enhance the skills and knowledge of the respective stakeholders to increase the performance of their entities and propel organizational growth. The program also aims at ensuring that the services and commodities offered in the respective business entities attain parallelism in terms of quality and value. The program will enhance the efficiency of the managers in problem-solving, and it will also foster the development of higher levels of innovation in their management processes.


The program will run through a training portal that will be embedded on the company’s website. The portal will require the respective managers to create accounts to be provided with credentials to access the lessons. Lessons will be based on theoretical texts to facilitate the relevant knowledge, as well as video lessons from various management experts. The main objective of using the two approaches is to ensure that the subject matter is delivered in a manner that will instill both skills and knowledge. The lessons will be divided into seven modules, each taking a week. Every module will facilitate background information, practical applications of the subject matter, and an assessment test that will be based on problem-solving in scenarios relating to the content in the module. The system will record the manager’s scores in every assessment test to highlight the areas in which the respective managers might require further training.

Additionally, the learning platform will also have a discussion forum for the managers to engage each other in brainstorming processes as they learn. The discussion forum will facilitate a platform for the managers to post questions to the trainer, with reference to the subject matter of the modules. Participation in the weekly discussion topics will be a requirement for every stakeholder to ensure that the managers are motivated to study the material provided. The system will also record every time that the managers log into their accounts and record their activities as they open various learning material to give the trainers a clear picture of their commitment to learning. This will facilitate the application of relevant motivational approaches, such as reminders to open various background materials.


The portal will have to be designed by experts in the field and they will incorporate the learning material provided by the trainers. The respective managers will be provided with a video training on the navigation of the portal to ensure that they can easily access the modules and the necessary material. The managers will also be provided with direct contact with the trainers to communicate whenever they have trouble accessing the training portal.