Kaiser Permanente Company’s Mission, Vision, Initiatives

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Organization Information


Kaiser Permanente was established in 1945 and is identified as a top provider of health care and non-profit health care plans in the United States. Currently, in eight states and in the Columbia district, the firm serves 12.5 million people. Stakeholders receive attention to their full health and thus are steered by the healthcare professionals, and care providers of The Permanente Medical Group. The major industry-leading technological advancements and instruments to progress their medical experts, careful medical teams, healthcare, and management of chronic conditions are supported (Kaiser Permanente, n.d.). The company focuses on innovations in health care, medical research, health education, and social health improvement.

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Mission and Vision

Mission Kaiser Permanente offers quality, affordable health services and enhances the quality of life of our members and our communities.
Vision Kaiser Permanente’s vision is to become a global health leader by improving lives.

Organizational Initiatives

Addressing housing insecurity: Kaiser Permanente has an initiative to promote affordable housing in the Bay area (Permanente, 2019). Also, the health body anchors loans worth $100 million to oversee the success of their goal.

Safeguarding the population against Covid-19: As part of the national campaign against the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, Kaiser Permanente provided ten million dollars in community grants (Permanente, 2019). Also, the not-for-profit firm is playing a part in promoting the government’s efforts to vaccinate American society against the deadly disease.

Organizational Plans

Type of Plan Description Type of Manager
Operational plan Promote information communication technology. KP introduce the Health-Connect to helps in integrating all patient data into one system. Communication manager
Contingency plan Regular research studies. The research program is led and supported by the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute to identify threats and opportunities aimed at determining the body’s sustainability. Research manager
Strategic plan The company partners with other key players such as the government to help address the issues such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic associated with poor health. Overall manager

SWOT Analysis

Internal Factors Innovative organizational culture, qualified employees, and qualified management.
External Factors The region’s labor market, and government support.


The mission, vision, planning process, and distinct SWOT analysis meet the current needs of the organization. The basic objective of strategic preparations is to align the mission of a company with its vision. The plan exists in a vacuum without vision and mission since it is the initial step for the planning of the mission, vision is the target, and strategic management is a roadmap for navigating. Values are also important to the process of strategic planning because they can provide the entity with the basis for developing suitable tactics and strategies. If strategies or tactics conflict with the values of the company, they should be reassessed.

Unfortunately, the problem faced by the firm is how to transmit the information flawlessly without reorganizing the present ordering system. Also, the effects of an inventory problem in the health organization environment are harsh, in contrast to other businesses where an inventory issue causes loss of income. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Highmark, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic are the major competitors that threaten the success of the health company (Rogowski, 2016). Nonetheless, the strategic approaches considered by the employees give it a competitive advantage.

However, investing in a communication project will ensure the stakeholders use the latest high-tech communication equipment to address the communication loopholes identified and hence making the company achieve its aims.

A high-level timeline and operational steps necessary to implement the communication project Plan

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Activities Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
Communicate the project’s aims All stakeholders will be enlightened about the set goals.
Offer enough resources All stakeholders need solicit the resources needed to oversee the project’s implementation
Training of the key players Inform the players about the alternative communication tool.
Project Implementation All key players use the available resources efficiently to address the issue.


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