“Labor Shortage Pressures Grocers…” Article by Wells

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The article highlights the critical factors associated with human resource management, such as hefty signing bonuses, schedule flexibility, and future advancements. COVID-19 changed the situation on the market, closing and limiting the operation of some businesses such as salad bars and cafes. The unstable state of the market leads to worker shortages and the rise of unemployment in the area due to pandemics. Wells et al. (2021) highlighted the change of the interest of shifted workers from shuttered departments such as coffee shops and restaurants to higher-demand spheres. Employees now consider future opportunities and possible variations in working conditions that depend on COVID-19 pandemics. The relative stability of grocery stores positively affected workers’ referral bonuses, increasing their value from $200 to the range of $500 to $1000 (Wells et al., 2021). In response, business owners try to attract people in highly skilled positions, such as the meat department.

The following change significantly transforms the cultural value and benefits of grocers. According to Wells et al. (2021), PCC Community Markets attracts customers by offering made-from-scratch food. Based on Marrisa Esteban, a manager of staffing and justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion of this community, the idea draws the attention of different professionals who want to work in this sphere (Wells et al., 2021). As the pandemic defected the higher positions in other less demanding businesses, grocers started receiving higher wages and more favorable working conditions. Nevertheless, Wells et al. (2021) claim that for further growth and advancement, changes in organizational structure and work culture are required. Introducing the flexible scheduling system and digital technologies in the organization could simplify committees directed to employees’ rights, including safety, employee engagement, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Wells, J., Moran, C. D., & Silverstein, S. (2021). Labor shortage pressures grocers to take a hard look at worker benefits. HR Dive. Web.