Clients’ Engagement at the Micro, Mezzo, and Macro Levels

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Client engagement is vital for the success of every business. It involves several skills, strategies, and sequential processes that the customer engagement practitioners carry out. Customer engagement improves and supervises the relationship between the customer and the company. The customer-company relationship is important in ensuring the customer is satisfied and expanding awareness among other people. Therefore, it needful to discuss the engagement levels and what it entails.

There are different levels in the field of customer engagement. Micro levels are the local cooperation of the company and clients at individual levels or in small groups in a specific background. Mezzo levels are interactions between specific groups such as communities, study groups, and institutions; focuses on a particular group. The intervention of a large group of people is at the macro level. Meeting a client where they are, means modifying the intervention by determining the needs and wants of the clients. This can be achieved through immense positive participation with the client, getting to understand their experiences, and accepting them for who they are.

The use of self is the expression of personality traits, life experiences, thoughts, cultural heritage, perceptions, and cooperation of the knowledge and skills gained in education. The appropriate use of self is at micro skills levels when engaging with clients since it is at the individual level (Ebere, 2016). Professional boundaries are vital in securing professional power and the client’s susceptibility. This safeguards the professionals, clients, and companies in addition to establishing a professional relationship. Customer engagement ensures the achievement of the goals of the company. Understanding the different levels and implementing specific strategies when appropriate establishes an effective operation. Additionally, profound understanding in apprehending meeting a client where they are ensures successful interventions.


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