Training Program on Sexual Harassment and Diversity Issues

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This program is created to address the issues of sexual harassment at the workplace and issues of diversity. The facilitator of the program must not necessarily be an individual with special knowledge on workplace sexual harassment and diversity at the workplace; however, they must demonstrate credibility and respect towards this matter. This program applies to all levels of employees, including the management staff and all the subordinate staff.

Sexual Harassment

The occurrence of any form of sexual harassment at the workplace amounts to weighty liability, especially for employers when cases of caliber occur in the workplace. When victims of sexual harassment may pursue available legal options, organizations are forced to deal with large lawsuits, which ultimately damage their reputation. Furthermore, victims of sexual harassment are affected physiologically and at times physically leading to decline in their level of productivity. Having this in mind, employers must ensure that their employees are educated on sexual harassment issues and their implication to individuals and the organization as a whole.


  • To equip employees with the relevant information on the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace.
  • Information from the program should help prevent workplace sexual harassment.
  • Equip supervisors with sufficient knowledge to document and effectively investigate claims of sexual harassment that may arise in the future.

Training methods

  • Direct lecturing: the facilitator directly informs the participants on important issues of concern.
  • Group discussion and debates on sexual harassment.
  • Video: To show acted scenes on examples of sexual harassment.

Learning Materials

  • VCR and video.
  • Copies of organizational policy on sexual harassment.
  • Copies of pre-availed questionnaires for purposes of evaluation.
  • Writing material (pens and notebooks).
  • Smart board.

Presentation and Discussion

  • Background.
  • Definition of sexual harassment.

The World Bank (1996) defines Sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favor and other unwelcome verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature which unreasonably interferes with work, is made a condition of employment, or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.”

  • Impact of sexual harassment on people and organizational performance.

Persons who experience sexual harassment at the workplace are affected in different ways, both physically and psychologically. In addition, the experiences create a harsh working environment for victims who may feel humiliated and undignified. As a result, work performance is likely to decline, and at times, victims may opt to resign from their places of work (McDonald, 2012).

  • Laws related to sexual harassment.
  • Specific company policies on sexual harassment.
  • Strategies to deter sexual harassment.


  • Questionnaires.
  • Direct engagement where the facilitator asks questions orally to the participants to gauge their level of comprehension on the subject of interest.

Diversity Issue at the Work Place


  • The program aims to enhance organizational awareness about existing diversity in the workplace and enable employees and the employer to appreciate the diversity, creating a desirable working environment.

Presentation and Discussion

The facilitator will highlight the issue of diversity at the work place covering the following key areas

  • Background.
  • Identification and determination diversity issues at the workplace.
  • Dealing with diversity at the workplace.


  • Participants will be required to answer Questionnaire questions on diversity at the workplace.
  • Direct engagement: participants will be required to ask to answer and ask questions from the facilitator.

Closing: The facilitator will bring the program to closure by giving a summary of the most important issues related to sexual harassment at the workplace and diversity.


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