The Vidsoft Triangle and Human Resources Issues

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The Vidsoft triangle case depicts a situation where the interests of team members collide, causing a conflict. Even though the initial conflict involves only two people, the wrong decision may lead to growing tension affecting the whole group. The case takes place in a company called Vidsoft Technology, which develops software to solve the procurement needs of its customers. Vidsoft Technology aims to provide high-quality service for the clients to achieve success, which is the company’s top priority. To accomplish the goal, Vidsoft paid great attention to team building and the selection of candidates. However, the rapid increase in demand made Vidsoft overview its strategy and sacrifice quality for the quantity. By changing its set of corporate values, Vidsoft created opportunities for new conflicts similar to the one described in the case.

Vidsoft’s initial strategy was the key to its success in building a healthy environment in the company. The conflict between Li and Hsu could have been avoided by adhering to the older Vidsoft’s strategy and not taking the path of further expansion, leading to degradation of communications and lowering of the hiring standards (Black et al., 2019). Such expansion may generate production growth without drawbacks only during the initial time; therefore, the bigger the company becomes, the more fragile the communications and organizational culture are. There may be two solutions to prevent such issues from reoccurring. The first one is that Vidsoft should revert to the initial strategy by reducing the number of workers and making quality its main priority again. The second solution implies that reviewing the promotion politics and hiring experienced high-qualified managers for managerial positions instead of promoting the company’s workers should be considered (Black et al., 2019). As the company becomes bigger, the pace of working processes increases; therefore, there is no time or resources to train Vidsoft’s engineers for management roles.


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