Market Segments: Facebook Ads and Posts

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In order to generate sufficient revenues from sales, a company has to target different market segments. As consumers vary by age, interests, income status, and other distinguishing characteristics, so should the marketing strategy adapt to the unique features of a group of customers. Modern technology allows using social networks to reach the audience. Understanding the interests of college-aged women and men over 55 years of age is essential in ascertaining the proper Facebook marketing strategy for sneakers.

An important point to consider when targeting college-aged people is the constant dispersion of attention. Modern young people have grown in a world where digital devices are a norm, which means that they are constantly exposed to the endless supply of images of famous athletes (Kerin & Hartley, 2016). The idea that each marathon runner has started with choosing the right sneakers can be used as a hook for young people. Another idea lies in the attraction towards costless experiences, such as a discount in exchange for a Facebook post with a company’s product on the image. Finally, posting images of active women wearing the company’s sneakers will appeal to young girls’ desire to have an active life.

As for men over 55, it is important to remember that they are usually sensitive towards their age. It is common for elderly people to feel unwanted and forgotten; therefore, brand managers can accentuate their sense of worth via marketing (Cowie & Gurney, 2018). If it is an advertisement on Facebook, it may be written in the following manner: “55 or older? We’ve got a selection of sneakers just for you!”. Another image for this market segment is a picture of elderly men enjoying a run with the company’s sneakers. Finally, a company can send their clients who have already bought their sneakers Facebook fiscal cards with the balance, which will make their next purchase cheaper.

Altogether, it should be evident that although the content of Facebook ads and posts targeting diverse market segments are different, they work because the basic interests of the consumers are the same. College-aged women are as likely to pay attention to discounts as elderly men. Both groups like to have their sense of worth upheld and see the individuals like them living actively. Therefore, the interests of both segments are similar, but their unique features should be emphasized in marketing.


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