Art of Persuasion: Pitching the “Wrong” Products

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The art of persuasion is of critical importance in commercial activities since it is often a question of making a profit to be able to convince the consumer to purchase a product that is qualitatively no different from the rest. Thus, most customers will always behave like bright packaging, strong words, or a perceived benefit. One must understand that it is always in the interest of marketers to prioritize selling products in as many quantities as possible (Kranz, 2021).

Instead of one shampoo, marketers seek to sell the consumer several; instead of one bottle of Coke, it is much more profitable to sell a whole pack. In order to convince the customer to function as the marketer wants, professionals use dozens of well-known and unique techniques to attract attention and give the customer a qualitative answer to the question of why this product should be bought.

Against this backdrop, it may seem that marketers are trying to sell people the wrong products. However, the truth is that there are no harmful, wrong products per se. On the contrary, there is demand, which, as we know, generates supply. The manufacturer gives society this supply, and marketers “package” the goods to sell them effectively. In addition, the professional cannot be blamed for the consumer’s purchase of the product because, in a highly competitive environment, the final decision still rests with the consumer. In other words, there are no wrong products, but there are customers who may be disappointed in their following of marketing technology.


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