Amazon Firm’s Streaming Services of Sporting Events

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Amazon has been struggling for streaming services of the US sporting events to uplift the attraction of its Prime Video service. Sports content, especially NFL games, can significantly increase the value proposition for current and potential Prime subscribers, the number of which presently amounts to 150 million paid members worldwide (Palmer). As a result, such a step can boost Amazon’s profit gained from advertisement since the company has an ample amount of consumer data useful for advertisers and commercials.

It is worth noting that Amazon Prime subscription service currently costs $119 per year and includes various benefits. The digital and streaming advantages comprise viewing thousands of movies and TV shows without additional cost, access to two million ad-free songs and podcasts, HBO, STARZ, and SHOWTIME channels, and free games, among others (About Amazon Prime Insider). Moreover, the Prime membership includes many delivery services (free one-, two-, or same-day deliveries), shopping benefits (exclusive discounts and offerings in various deals), and reading bonuses.

At a glance, it seems that streaming of NFL games on Sunday and Monday can exceed the existing demand of viewers. However, considering the current and post-contexts of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans will turn to the streaming service, especially sports content delivered by Amazon. In addition, streaming services are becoming more appealing and popular, engaging an incremental number of TV viewers. Therefore, a noticeable increase in the number of potential users may be anticipated. Advertising costs in Amazon primarily depend on the competition in a particular market sector and the budgets of organizations. Nevertheless, Amazon’s average cost-per-click on adverts amounts to $0.81 for advertisers (Amazon Advertising Cost). Since the NFL encompasses millions of new consumers, it can be predicted that the cost for ads will tangibly climb and, perhaps, my amount for nearly or over one dollar.

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