Sustainable Start-Up in the Hospitality Industry

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My idea is to create a coffee shop based exclusively on ecological methods of preparation and recycling. This will benefit the community and serve as additional publicity for the business as it relates to the current popular trends in the sustainability movement. To start my business, I need approximately 100,000$ to rent a renovated space and buy the essential equipment, including coffee machines, a cash register, and a refrigerator for snacks and beverages. In a few years, a franchise of at least two spots is planned.

Business Features

The start-up is aimed primarily at young people who need a quiet place to study and socialize. The location is necessary near the educational institution and a large flow of students. The setting should be quiet, with tables well apart with accessible power outlets. The menu and its advertising strategy should be discussed separately and include an emphasis on safety, sustainability, and authenticity. There is an idea to give people a reasonable discount if they bring their bottle for a drink. All napkins and cups must be recyclable, with an inscription confirming this and gratitude for the correct choice of our cafe. In addition to coffee, the restaurant will offer sandwiches, including vegan and gluten-free options. We need to connect with local markets and private farmers to get the most environmentally friendly products (Osorio-Vega, 2018). It can also be used in advertising an establishment by indicating a close relationship with society and the support of private owners.


Building a brand in the highly competitive hospitality industry requires a clear strategic plan and own unique policy (Abrams & Grosso, 1991). Smart use of the private brand and the global environmental trend can target a wider audience, attract investors and establish beneficial relationships with resource suppliers. To be productive and efficient enough, I need at least two baristas and an assistant with an accounting background to help run my business. A further increase in clients will entail an expansion of the staff. The accountant will receive an average of 60,000$ depending on the profit. Baristas will receive approximately 13$ an hour with a further premium.


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