Data Insights and Competitor Analysis

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Social media management within a company is one of the most important aspects due to the great impact it has on the firm because of the great market available on the platforms. Uber and Ola are multi-national organizations in the transport sector that compete in the same market to acquire a bigger market share. According to the social media data insights of the two companies, Uber Technologies Inc has a bigger potential reach of 306.4B social media users as compared to Ola Cabs, which has a potential reach of 171.6 million social media users. In the case of Ola, positive sentiment is more prevalent in the digital space with 17.8%, whereas the negative is 13.9%. The service is popular with female users who account for 62.2% of the customer base with a median age of 25-34. The second most popular age group comprises people of 18-24 years (34.8%), making Ola a young adult-oriented company.

Uber Technologies Inc. social managers have a positive relationship with many influential individuals in the social media platform, enabling them to reach a bigger number of social media users than Ola Cabs. Uber boasts of 3,900 influencers, while Ola Cabs has only 599. Uber also has a significant number of affiliate companies on social media platforms as compared to Ola Cabs. Affinities in the online platform enable the firm to earn referrals from affiliate companies (Guo et al., 2017). However, with the great social media domination, Uber is leading in recording negative sentiments with 34% and low positive sentiments of 13.7%. In contrast, Ola Cabs leads in positive sentiments with 17.8% and lower negative sentiments with 13.9%. Effective social media management has enabled Uber Technology Inc. to have a bigger market share than Ola Cabs.


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