Etisalat Company: Research Methods

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Etisalat Company is one of the leading network providers in United Arab Emirates headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The firm was once the preferred choice for customers looking for internet solutions. In the recent past, the firm has registered a consistent decline in the number of users of its services. This problem forced the management of the firm to conduct a research to determine the reasons behind the massive drop in the number of customers. It was revealed that reduced quality of services, especially customer care services, was the leading reason why many customers were considering other alternatives when looking for internet solutions. If these issues are not addressed in time, then this firm may be forced out of the market soon. This paper seeks to investigate all the reasons behind the reduced number of customers who are using services provided by Etisalat Company.

Methodology & Research Design

In this study, the researcher used both primary and secondary sources of data to find a solution to the research problem. The literatures were taken from books, journals, and other relevant online sources. Primary data was collected from a sampled participants. A random sampling technique was used to select three employees of the company to participate in the study. The small sample size was chosen because of the scope of the study and limited time available for the research (Creswell 30). Primary data was collected from the participant with the help of questionnaires. The research design used both descriptive and quantitative approaches. Descriptive statistics helped to explain why the firm was loosing customers (Denzin and Yvonna 21). On the other hand, quantitative data helped to explain the magnitude of the loss. Findings were presented in tables, graphs, and figures for the purpose of clarity.


Etisalat Company: Research Methods

Etisalat Company: Research Methods

According to the findings from the study, it was established that the leading reason why Etisalat has experienced reduction in quality of service delivery is lack of employee motivation. When asked to explain, the respondents stated that the management of the firm has ceased to care for its employees. One of the respondents explained a phenomenon that occurred in the firm. An employee was hurt while working at this firm. The management never bothered to offer him proper care. This demoralized many employees who felt that their interests are not protected while working at Etisalat. Another respondent identified limited number of employees as another reason why quality of services at this firm has drop. The management has retrenched some employees. Highly talented workers at this firm are also looking for other firms to work for, citing frustration as the reason why they are leaving Etisalate. It means that the few remaining employees are overstretched (Goodman 24).

Etisalat Company: Research Methods

Etisalat Company: Research Methods

It is apparent that the management of Etisalat Company is already aware of the fact that it needs to act as soon as possible before it looses most of its existing customers. The respondents stated that the firm has come up with two approaches for solving the problem. The first approach is employee centered approach which majorly involve motivating of the employees through various strategies to improve their output. Training and development of the employees was also identified as another strategy that can improve quality of service delivery. Customer-centered measures that the firm is considering include reduction of product prices, improved customer service at the firm, and increased investment in promotion and advertisement. These measures are meant to restore customer trust in the firm and protect the current customers from the market competitors.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Etisalat Company has experienced a rapid drop in the number of subscribers to its internet services. This may not only be attributed to the increased market competition, but also high prices for Etisalat products and below-standard service delivery. Customers have complained that this firm’s customer care desk is not offering proper service to customer. An internal audit has confirmed these claims. The management realized that its employees lack motivation and some of them are overstretched. It is recommended that the management applies the two strategies proposed in the sections above. Employee-centered strategies should help in motivating employees to remain committed and loyal to the firm. customer-centered strategies should help convince clients that Etisalat has the best to offer in terms of quality of service, products’ prices, and additional value on services offered.

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