Management of the Attitude of Employees to Their Work

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Positive organizational behavior implies a positive attitude to the work environment. With such an approach, I can focus on my goals more than on the previous errors and future failures. It also helps to reduce the amount of stress caused by overthinking every action during the business. Moreover, I am also more inspired to do work and complete it on time as positive OB keeps people motivated.

I do not think that organizations should assess grit as a part of their hiring process as not all people have such a trait. Grit can be developed through work and interaction within the workplace. In addition, it is also difficult to measure grit as grit is a set of skills related to the ability to hard work and passion. During the recruitment process, it is almost impossible to measure how people’s passion and interest in the work as these concepts are highly changeable over time. As such, grit cannot be used as a tool to select employees.

If I want to develop my grit, I will try to learn more about my topic of interest. This is because an individual with grit invests, practices, ad explores their passion. I will take my time and try to investigate all aspects of my interest and implement my knowledge during the work. Moreover, I will attempt to construct new habits, especially time-management to ensure that I will do tasks before the deadline. In addition, I can interact with experts in my interested field and learn from them. Networking may motivate and inspire people to do effective and productive work.

By resigning Roger Ailes, Fox News show that they care about who works in the company, thus reducing the amount of stress on employees. Fox News was trying to not develop greater scandal to ensure a smooth change of a chairman (Kurtz, 2016). It illustrates that the company is concerned about the reputation of the brand and its employees. This is one of the key factors that contribute to the organizational climate. However, I do not like the fact that the administration of the organization did not notice sexual abuse earlier or may even hide it from the public. In that case, Fox News did not address the issue properly, causing mental and physical health problems for its employees.

At my last job, my employer was highly motivated to make the workplace friendly and supportive. One of the core values of the company was cooperation as the work required constant interaction with the team members and partners. This value promotes positive OB because good interaction between people provides a positive working experience. Therefore, the employer tried to unite the employees through different team-building strategies. These methods worked well, as I liked how we had fun together and work hard to achieve common goals.

I think my current employer can ensure open dialogue between the administration and the employees. This may help workers to feel valuable and necessary, as such motivating them to work further and respecting the employer. Moreover, working people can share their ideas and complain to the higher authority and be heard by it. Considering the voice of the workforce can change positively the attitude of employees toward their tasks and the work in general. In addition, the worker may strive for a better position once they will communicate with the employer more.

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