Unhappy Customer: Customer Relationship Management

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The most important aspect in the presented case in relation to customer relationship management is that it is necessary to constantly monitor reviews and complaints, as well as provide an adequate and timely response. Additionally, the video highlights the importance of using modern communication methods to track customer experiences as the information spreads extremely quickly in today’s world. Negative responses are instantly available to other customers, making them especially influential for the company’s image. It is for this reason that it is necessary to respond to all complaints and comments of customers, trying to resolve the situation politely and return the relationship to its previous level.

The customer’s reaction in this situation was justified since he used the Internet to talk about his problem. However, without receiving a proper response from the company, his customer experience deteriorated further. This case shows how dangerous even one negative review can be in the modern world, where technology makes information more accessible, so companies should carefully monitor their image.

Recently, I have experienced difficulties with the delivery of goods from an online store by a transport company. The pandemic also greatly affected the transportation of goods, and my package was greatly delayed in transit, which worried me. This episode could have been a negative customer experience if it weren’t for the company’s attitude towards communicating with customers on social media. Every day I could ask the support service questions and receive an update on the situation. Moreover, access to them via social media was easy, and responses were timely. They also compensated for all transportation costs, which also changed my attitude toward the problem. In the end, although I received the package significantly later, I was satisfied with the service as the company took my concern attentively.

Paliouras & Siakas (2017) note that for companies which operate online, social customer relations management is of increased importance. It implies the “development of close personal relationships, interactions, and social exchanges” (Paliouras & Siakas, 2017, p. 26). In the situation described, this aspect became key for the formation of my purchase behavior towards the company since the correct communication resolved the negative situation.


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