Workplace Culture for Motivation of Employees

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When I first started working, my intention was to get salary and sustain my needs. However, people at my workplace were the reason why I kept motivated to work. I liked how we interacted with each other, had fun together, and solved the problems. The workplace culture played a crucial role in my motivation to stay. Now I am more aware of what I am doing, and I am motivated to work due to both a company’s culture and the things that I do. Moreover, I have a good salary compared to my previous one.

I think my past and current employers are failed to motivate employees by not letting us be creative and independent in our decisions related to the work and not communicating with us. We should do required things in an automatic mood that reduces motivation and commitment to work. As such, I believe that if employers allow more decision-making by employees, this will motivate employers to work efficiently and productively.

There are several practical ways of keeping employees motivated. Minimizing rules and policies for employees can increase motivation to work as they will feel responsibility and freedom of action (Heathfield). Leaders should clearly state their expectations from their followers and clarify what they want from them. They also should communicate effectively with employees about their performance and progress. Employers also can provide values, mission, and goals for employees to inspire and motivate them. One more successful method is to reward and recognize people who make improvements at work (Heathfield). By this, employees can understand that their work is valued by the organization. Yet the question, “What do good rewards and recognitions imply?” arises.

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