Leadership Quality and Successful Personnel Performance

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Leadership quality is particularly important because it impacts all the processes as well as other people in the company. The article by Badawy et al. discusses the subject of the person-environment fit and the factors that connect the leader-employee relationship to the staff’s performance (86). The purpose of this essay is to discuss the five most important concepts from the article about leader relationship quality and explain why this subject is essential to know for successful personnel performance.

To begin with, the subjects discussed in the article need to be explained. The five most important concepts from the reading are the person-organization fit, person-job fit, performance, leader-member exchange, and trust (Badawy et al. 86). The authors emphasize that the person-organization and person-job fit are based on how an individual can contribute to the firm. Leader-member exchange and trust in the leader are two models that show the relationship between the leader and employees. Personnel performance is affected by the quality of this connection.

These concepts are important to know for successful personnel performance for several reasons. Leaders have a special role in the organization because their attitude can shape the employees’ performance. According to Badawy et al., “applied to a work setting, employees should derive their understanding of self from their relationship quality with agents of the organization” (87). In this regard, leaders act as representatives and set expectations.

To conclude, the article discusses important ideas that show how the leader-employee relationship can impact the personnel’s performance. The authors explore the need for the person-organization fit and person-job fit for successful work. Besides, the trust in leaders is discussed and leader-member exchange. Overall, leaders play a crucial role in the performance of the staff and the company as a whole as they act as role models and set expectations for the team.

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