“The Performance Management Revolution” by Cappelli & Tavis

Subject: Employee Management
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Human resource management is a complex practice that aims to improve employee performance, motivation, conflict avoidance, and resolution. At the same time, this science combines knowledge about general trends and characteristics of human behavior and employees’ individual traits and needs. In their article, Cappelli and Tavis (2016) examine one of the practices essential for Human Resource Management to offer companies a new and more effective approach to improving employee productivity.

The article’s authors consider the practice of traditional performance appraisals and argue that it is outdated for the current business environment. Cappelli and Tavis (2016) note that more and more companies refuse employee performance assessments based on numbers as it takes managers’ time, increases pressure on employees, and interferes with their skills development. Instead of the traditional approach, the authors propose to use the feedback that managers offer to each employee. This approach has several advantages because it allows employees to feel supported and correct their weaknesses by focusing on the necessary skills (Cappelli & Tavis, 2016). In turn, this approach enables companies to be more flexible in a competitive environment, increase employee loyalty and productivity, and reduce reporting time. Additionally, Cappelli and Tavis (2016) highlight concerns about using this method, such as the difficulty of identifying ineffective employees or increased discrimination. However, the evidence demonstrates that these fears are unjustified or can be overcome by adapting the approach to the company’s culture and needs.

This article is relevant for Human Resource Management as it demonstrates the need to change the approach to assessing employees’ work. Companies can apply the recommendations and findings of authors to improve the productivity of their employees and their HR practices. I find this article helpful for managers as it provides valuable insights into the performance of companies that use different evaluation systems. The article can be used by business owners and managers who want to develop their company and HR managers to convey the need for change and reform ineffective practices. For me, this article was useful and interesting because of the many practical examples and data, and concepts used in it.


Cappelli, P., & Tavis, A. (2016). The performance management revolution. Harvard Business Review. Web.