Chocolate Bliss: Expansion in Switzerland

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When it comes to global expansion, it is essential for any business to analyze the success of its market in a specific country and explore the level of competitiveness. Overall, it is possible to suggest that the decision of Chocolate Bliss to expand in Switzerland is not strategically right and is unlikely to be successful unless the company has something special to offer. Despite the fact that Chocolate Bliss is financially stable and global expansion is usually a good option to grow and develop, entering the chocolate market in the selected country may be too challenging and time-consuming. According to the Center for the Promotion of Imports (2020), even though “Switzerland has world’s highest per capita chocolate consumption” (para. 2.1), this country “is home to 17 chocolate manufacturers and many small and medium-sized chocolate makers” (para. 2.3). Since these companies are known as the manufacturers of high-quality chocolate, it will be extremely difficult to overcome competition and gain a foothold in the market.

When expanding in Switzerland, Chocolate Bliss should also consider the culture of this country. To begin with, most Swiss prefer choosing the familiar and avoid uncertainty and innovation, which means that it may be challenging to get residents to give the new chocolate company a chance (Hofstede Insights, n.d.). Further, good and quality education is part of the country’s culture, so if Chocolate Bliss expands in Switzerland, its new employees will be talented, punctual, hardworking, and devoted to the company’s values and mission. Finally, the Swiss prefer living their life while enjoying it and choosing the best for themselves, which is also a major part of their culture (Hofstede Insights, n.d.). It is significant to consider this cultural factor when expanding in this country because it increases the chances of residents buying chocolate since it is sweet and tasty and contributes to their daily joys.


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