Importance of the Motivation to Work

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Motivation refers to the factors that tend to influence an individual need to remain interested and committed to a particular goal, performance, or subject. To succeed in any position, everyone needs the motivation to pursue their course persistently. However, using inspiration to realize set goals first requires one to identify what works best for you. In this regard, family, career progression, bills, and salary are major motivators to my work.

My motivators come in the following order:

  • Family: this is the major source of inspiration to work despite major challenges in the workplace. My desire to maintain proper support to the family energizes me to keep better performance in the workplace every day, even in the absence of other extrinsic incentives to perform. In this case, remaining in a better position at my job helps me be reliable in responding to all family needs.
  • Career progression: considering that there are still more rungs within my career that I desire to climb, commitment to the job remains a priority. Since there are set goals that every employee needs to attain before receiving any meaningful job promotion, I stay open to every effort that is likely to influence necessary advancements.
  • Bills: clearing bills can be hectic, but dodging them is likely to have more serious concerns ranging from credit damage, a nagging sense of failure, and late fees (Khan, 2017). Although this appears to be a major concern to only low-income earners, the associated stress of failing to meet my bills encourages me to maintain better performance.

Most of my family members have families, others in demanding professions and with demanding bills to settle. For this reason, I suppose that they are motivated by the same factors and in the order that they appear. However, the pressure posed by each element might be different due to distinct values, job aspirations, and disparate salary scales. Although the incentive scale is the same, some might be willing to replace each with a better motivator deal.


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