Confidence in Business Forecast Presentations

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Most presenters often experience some challenges when presenting business forecasts. According to Cialdini (2016), the presenters may sometimes lack confidence due to the uncertainty experienced in making a business forecast. Ideally, different dynamics, mainly relating to supply and demand, in the business world control the marketplace. Unfortunately, it is difficult to utilize all of them to develop a business prediction for new products. Consequently, presenters may lack confidence and become uneasy during presentations. However, if I were the presenter of a sales forecast that I was not confident in, I would present the information to the best of my ability. I would follow the guidelines with an impression, which shows confidence in my assertions concerning the product. A presenter needs confidence to deliver a practical and appealing forecast, which captivates the audience within the first few minutes. The lack of confidence makes the audience bored or confused and may get lost along with the presentation, thus becoming disinterested with the message. Indeed, in the modern technology world, they would easily focus on their smartphones or tablets as a way of keeping themselves busy.

Focusing on presenting the information confidently and enthusiastically helps persuade the audience to pay attention to the presentation. The presenter’s impression dictates the audience’s attraction and trust in the conveyed message, thus influencing their active listening skills (Cialdini, 2016). Although the sales projections’ sources may not be verifiable, confidence remains indispensable to convince potential buyers or investors about the product or service. Notwithstanding, the presenter may explain some dissenting opinions while confidently and rationally supporting his or her sales estimates. Exuding self-assurance during a sales forecast presentation allows the audience to believe in the presentation, discouraging them from seeking clarification in areas, which might be challenging to substantiate. Therefore, irrespective of the the sources of the sales forecasts, providing an assuring and exceptional presentation helps persuade the audience and keep them focused throughout the exhibition.


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