Competitive Advantage: FedEx Case

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In order to prove itself as a success, any business should always be one step ahead of the competition. Moreover, this step implies paying enough attention to the aspects of team coordination, the satisfaction of the customers, and evaluating the current strategic tendencies of the competitors. Hence, when speaking of FedEx, the company’s primary strategic intention was to ensure customers’ satisfaction (IvyPanda, 2020). Having introduced the notion of the next-day delivery to the industry, FedEx was then interested in the overall service efficiency and cost reduction as an innovative approach to transportation services. To achieve this, the company’s major strategy focuses on innovation investments aimed at winning over their competitors.

A philosophy that helped the company lead the competition is the pattern initially adopted by the US Marine Corps. In its primary sense, the philosophy known as “move, communicate and shoot” addressed the idea of winning the battle with the enemy by ensuring movement and coordination (IvyPanda, 2020). However, when applied by FedEx, this strategy became business competition-oriented and emphasized quality communication prior to the service delivery.

Thus, in order to outcompete UPS, the company’s primary rival, FedEx decided to invest in the information systems and create datasets containing the information about the real-time delivery tracking and basic information about the order. When speaking of the other suggestions related to the “move, communicate, and shoot” strategy, it would be beneficial to dwell on the team coordination in terms of efficient sales. Thus, when combining the investment in both the development of information systems and team coordination, the overall competency of the company would result in higher satisfaction levels and sales. The strategy would be especially relevant when compared to the companies paying minor attention to the team morale.


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