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When a business is launched or is already operating, the enterprise owner needs to create awareness among people about the organization. Promotion is a significant aspect for any business to make its products known to the buyers. Whether operating online or offline, different forms of business call for a market for guaranteed sustainability and profit. However, advertising is the sole technique to use to get to the market and dominate it. For an advert to attract and reach out to people, it should systematically meet a particular professional requirement discussed below.

Persuasion is a vital factor in any given advertisement; it is a technique to convince a customer of your goods and services through vision as used in my Coke advertisement. The property of persuasion can be achieved through the Aristotle persuasion process known as the Aristotle rhetorical triangle. The triangle comprises four techniques, ethos, pathos, logos, and master narrative (Amos et al. 12). Ethos is an effective technique that entices the audience by underlining reliability. It pronounces the superior of the presenter, author, or brand. The ethos, for instance, focuses on luring the audience to the speaker is dependable and ethical. In my advert, I successfully applied ethos from the words ‘can’t beat the real thing’; these persuade the buyers and gives the audience confidence in the product when they read it. It shows that Coke is an actual product, and no other product can outdo its superiority.

Pathos focuses on persuading the audience by imploring a sentimental response. It is also referred to as ’emotional appeal’; it is a feast to the audience’s emotions: a romance story, an emaciated baby, or an inspirational story (Amos et al. 23). Pathos has perfectly been achieved in my advertisement. ‘Coke has the taste you never get tired of,’ this phrase gives the audience a feeling that however much they use the product, they will never get bored. It, therefore, keeps the consumer in a good mood always as they enjoy drinking.

A logo is a luring technique that aims at persuading the audience using logic. It is also referred to as logical appeal; logos advertisement involves facts, information, and graphs It plainly and concisely passes information to the audience on the objective of why they should logically purchase the goods or services you are selling. In the advertisement, I used the words ‘continuous quality is the quality you trust’ it is logical for any consumer to trust a product that has a better quality all the way. Providing customers with logical facts gives the buyers proof that the brand is of the best quality.

On the other hand, a master narrative is a way to affect your fundamental brand promise. A good master narrative addresses the prime requirements of your different stakeholders and archive on the grounds your brand assurance is authentic. It provides the winning aspiration your target market seeks. Based on my advertisement, coke’s primary role is to give a good taste ‘Coke has the taste you never get tired of,’ I mentioned catching the audience’s attention to customers that seek the good taste in the drink.

Generally, in the advertisement, I used a red background that looks bright to capture the audience’s attention. The red color has droplets to show the product is a drink and nothing else. I ended the advert with another bright color (white), ‘Coca Cola,’ to make the product stick in the audience’s mind. I also mentioned the brand name ‘coca cola’ as many times as possible, including on the can to reinforce to the consumer that it is the only product and no other.

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