Discussion of Importance of Marketing Strategies

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To begin with, intrinsic self-relevance is a factor that determines both factors that might influence the consumer’s choice: the product value for the customer and the results of interaction with this product. More specifically, it is the type of relevance that goes from the person and could not be influenced by marketers if they do not know anything about their preferences. However, when using the appropriate targeting audience, which could be easily analyzed for intrinsic factors of influence, the marketing campaign will be successful. For instance, when targeting advertising for business people in New York, marketers should study the character of the average business person. When important intrinsic characteristics are defined, such as “this type of person prefers working in a business suit that will be comfortable for the whole day”, then intrinsic self-relevance can be created.

On the other hand, situational self-relevance can be easily manipulated by marketers, as this is the environmental influence on the personal determinations of what is “ valuable” for them at the specific moment. For instance, when people are walking in the park, they might become hungry due to the long-time walking. Situational self-relevance marketing occurs when traditional park activities are advertised: picnic, team sport, and BBQ grill. When people see these marketing factors in the park, they will immediately provide a self-relevance to those activities and will purchase the business.

Turning to the brands as learned behaviors, they are deeply learned, and the results of their study could be implemented for many marketing strategies. Firstly, brands are known behaviors owing to the notion that many people now can define branding strategies. The most widespread branding behavior might be implicated by the MacDonald’s corporation, which provided a trustworthy value in its branding. This shows that when some businesses are aimed to have a marketing strategy, then providing the “trustworthy” branding will be significantly effective due to its traditionalism and strong influence on others. Moreover, some marketing strategies could be designed by observing some most popular brands’ strategies. When the concrete approach that seems relevant for the business is found, the most valuable part of the strategy development is to provide the qualitative analysis of the customer’s average portrait and the way of influencing their emotions.