Importance of the Information Technology for Managers

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Information technology (IT) refers to the use of computers and other electronic devices to store, process, retrieve, and send data. The term also denotes computer methods that make the processing of information simpler and faster (Bushati et al., 2015). It is an area that undergoes continuous growth as new technologies are introduced. Examples of IT systems include the Internet, broadcast radio and television systems, and mobile phone systems. Given the multiple advantages that businesses can derive from information technology, managers must seek to understand IT.

Business managers should have a firm grasp of information technology because it has numerous benefits to the business. For instance, IT can be used for sales and invoicing, product design and development, and tax and accounting (Bushati et al., 2015). These are some of the core business activities and a business cannot exist without them. Before IT, these processes were done manually and it took a lot of time and resources to complete them. Currently, there is IT software that performs these processes quickly and efficiently. For instance, automated accounting produces more accurate results provided that the correct data is used. Information technology is an essential part of the business that facilitates its smooth running.

Aside from routine business operations, managers may also use IT to improve customer relations. The business world is extremely competitive and it may be difficult to gain new customers. However, through the use of IT, managers carry out market research and get a better understanding of the target market. They can then customize their sales efforts to meet the market characteristics (Bushati et al., 2015). Similarly, business managers may also use IT to maintain relationships with current customers. Information technology enables customers to present grievances to the business upon which the manager will take remedial actions. In conclusion, it is vital for a manager to understand information technology because IT plays an important role in business.


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