The Sherwin-Williams Company Case Study

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An internalized project management methodology is one of the most workable strategies for implementing sustainable change and improving profitability in businesses. The Sherwin-Williams Company is a practical example of a business that endorses self-made project management methodologies to drive internal development and promote successful change implementation. Although businesses may employ numerous strategies, including outsourcing, bench-marking, and templates to develop effective project management methodologies, an internalized approach can be more beneficial to the organization by offering flexibility, incorporating best practices, and inclusivity.

The Sherwin-William Company, a paint manufacturing and distributing firm, recently transformed its local and international communication systems by changing its voice communications carrier. Normally, such a situation would present major challenges to an organization. However, with an effective project management methodology, the institution uneventfully implements a new communications system, thereby limiting all the potential risks. According to Kerzner (2018), the four-stage process offered numerous advantages including flexibility and the inclusion of best practices. The internally-developed framework enabled the company to implement changes in line with its operational framework and tradition, thereby streamlining the process. Furthermore, it enabled the project management team to incorporate organizational best practices, leading to higher efficiency. Moreover, Sanches and Terlizzi (2017) note that an intrinsic framework promotes maximum participation by parties. By encouraging participation from all business stakeholders, the project management team may gain support from all business functions and departments, making it easier to implement the changes.

An internalized project management framework facilitated inclusivity, enhanced flexibility, and promoted the inclusion of best practices in Sherwin-Williams Corporation. The organization has effectively utilized this strategy to change its communication systems. Thus, it can be argued that the strategy can help most businesses to incorporate sustainable changes for more productivity. Therefore, managers and other business leaders should consider implementing intrinsic project management to ensure organizational growth and development.


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