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OSIM Group is a consulting company that has been involved in several fields, such as finance, real estate, engineering, and more. The firm has worked effectively under the leadership of Dave Wright, President of the OSIM Group. In 1997, the OSIM Company was purchased by Shilo Investment Bank and the workers felt that Shilo would put their working style on OSIM as well. Dave Wright’s administration was deemed decentralized and the employee could do something according to his will. Under his leadership, the company was autonomous and free to work. Generally, he was not geared towards the administration of operations.

After Shilo inherited the OSIM Group, there were only four people who benefited financially, while the majority of the directors and vice presidents did not receive anything. Frank Lewisburg, Communications Officer, and other co-conspirators were the ones who received nothing, which could cause a grudge against President Dave. They turned against Dave because they did not profit from the acquisition, and Frank decided to enrich himself in a short time.

Under Dave Wright’s leadership, the company has raised sales and assets by a wide margin. However, the net income has declined by a higher value. Shareholders’ equity has grown over 3 years, while the net income dropped from 3.6 million to 0.8 million a year just because there was no planning and operational management. There was no system specified, and the workers did what they could. To raise Net Revenue, the company’s activities need to be managed, and preparation needs to be performed to optimize the project’s earnings.

To begin with, Tom should understand that confrontation is inevitable. That it is a natural part of human activity and is born out of unmet needs, unrecognized disparities, and difficulties in dealing with life’s adjustments and challenges (Black and Bright, 2019). Currently, the acquisition is a major transition and a threat not just for executives but also for other staff of the OSIM Group. A business cannot work on an entrepreneurial basis for a long time.

There is no doubt that Tom, like Frank and his co-conspirators, has the vision of one day becoming a central figure in the OSIM Community and then later in the SFS/Shilo Investment Bank. Tom must not hold back his ambition because of the ongoing strategy of the organization that he has now realized. The ongoing company policy is a common feature for any organization facing a transformation that has been brought up to purchase a takeover (Black and Bright, 2019). With his newly learned strategic planning expertise, Tom has the secret to transforming society at the right moment. It then needs to use its expert capacity to reshape the market ethic of OSIM to its benefit.

Tom must understand that the current activities in the OSIM Community are the reaction of workers to the ongoing organizational policies. The reaction to politics would be different at different levels of the organization (Black and Bright, 2019). There is heightened tension among the members of the top management due to fear of transition. The response of workers below the VPS can be considered optimistic as they see prospects for a promotion coming with the takeover.

This ensures that Tom can quickly be backed up in his capacity as strategic planning chief by staff below VPS. From the VPs onwards, the stumbling block to his strategic planning initiative. However, Tom has to take heart in that the top management is not united in rejecting strategic preparation; the president of OSIM and the president of the SFS/Shilo Board of Directors are planning initiatives.

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