Consumer Behavior of Overcoming Fear of New

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I believe that overcoming the strongest fear gives the greatest resource. Only by leaving the comfort zone, I can change my life for the better and achieve my goals. Therefore, I like to try unfamiliar things, and tend to buy products that position themselves as related to the proactive approach to life.

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My last purchase was a backpack with a solar battery. It was the Voltaic Systems “Array” model. This backpack manufactured by the American company Voltaic Systems is designed for power supply and charging of all kinds of laptops in real-life conditions.

On a scale from 1 to 5, I gave the product a score of 3 because it is quite heavy. Since I belong to the category of female consumers who are engaged in active recreation, the weight of the product is very important to me.

This product usually costs $ 239, which belongs to the “premium” price segment. Voltaic is the market leader in backpacks with solar panels, which consumers, including me, trust more (Marketing Mix Video, n.d.). However, the product was purchased by me on Black Friday with a 50% discount, so I think this is a good offer, therefore, I put a score of 4.

Image advertising integrated into a video clip of a well-known travel blogger was used as a promotion. With this tool, marketers have competently created the perception of a backpack in the market, so I rate promotion at 5.

The store’s online platform was chosen as the place. However, the nearest Voltaic warehouse turned out to be in another city, and I had to wait long enough for the product, so I estimate the Place item at 1.

Thus, the overall score for the backpack with solar panels was 13. To get the maximum score, manufacturers need to improve the delivery system and lighten the weight of the backpack.

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