Analysis of “Just Eat Takeaway” Company

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In modern conditions, society needs to adapt to a changing life. After the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses began to incur large losses due to a sharp decrease in the number of visitors. The solution to this problem was to focus on food delivery services, which are now very popular. In this paper, the sustainability policy, strategy and vision of the Just Eat Takeaway food delivery company will be investigated. An analysis of this organization and its work will help to form a picture of how such a business should operate and identify the strengths and weaknesses of such a phenomenon as takeaway food.


The main components of the company’s vision and mission are taking care of the environment, consumers and the quality of the food they provide. In addition, the food delivery organization focuses on the need to bring changes to these main aspects of their functioning. The CEO of the company stated that “ being one of the leading global food delivery companies means we have an opportunity to drive change” (“An appetite for change”, n.d.). Moreover, the concept of environmental sustainability is noted as one of the main topics of the report of the company’s CEO.


The main objectives of the organization in the field of environmental sustainability are to reduce carbon footprints and the negative consequences from the transportation of products and garbage. Therefore, for this purpose, the company is developing a strategy for the transition to electric transport by 2030 (“An appetite for change”, n.d.). The equipment of the personnel transporting customer orders is developed from recycled plastic, which also reduces the negative consequences of the company’s actions. In addition, they reduce the amount of residual garbage after use by resorting to reusable packages, which can later be delivered under the partner program.


The company’s policy of preserving the environment and supporting sustainability has positive reviews among its customers. It is noted that 96 percent of people were satisfied with the company’s new environmental packaging (“An appetite for change”, n.d.). This aspect can be crucial in the success of the company, since it is the human factor and the support of the social community that directly affect the preservation of a competitive position in the field of food delivery services.


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