The Essential Management Skills

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Successfully coordinating and supervising the activities of multiple employees is a task that requires a certain set of skills regardless of specialization. In addition to technical and communication abilities, managers need conceptual skills that utilize abstract thinking and analytic skills that properly identify problems and the best solutions (Pride et al., 2019). However, I believe the most important is the interpersonal skill to effectively deal with other people because it renders all the other ones useless if it is lacking. It is impossible to implement the best solution if you cannot convey it to others. Managers must understand their employees’ needs and motives, guide them in the right direction, and constructively communicate the conclusions they make using their abstract and analytic thinking.

From the biblical perspective, all the necessary skills required for a specific task are gifts granted by God to improve his kingdom. He never gives us a challenge that we are not able to overcome. According to Proverbs 22:29, a skillful man will stand before kings, not obscure men (Bible Gateway, 2011). In addition to following religious rites, every person is responsible for developing their skills and improving their position in the world. Managers should strive to have a well-rounded skill set in order to perform their job well and utilize their God-given gifts.

This principle is also proven by my personal experience managing group projects in school. It was initially difficult for me to put myself in the position of a leader, but I knew that otherwise, nobody would, and the project would fail. I had the necessary analytic and conceptual skills to recognize our goals and formulate a plan of action. Furthermore, I had enough technical knowledge to pinpoint which team member knew the subject best and which part he should fulfill. However, it took me several tries to understand how to communicate this to my teammates in a motivational rather than condescending way. This experience is why I believe managers need to possess and use various skills, including conceptual, analytic, interpersonal, technical, and communication.


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