Human Resource Management in the US Ministry of Education

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The United States of America is among the countries with the most developed social protection systems of the population. Federal programs allow disabled people and other categories of citizens to apply for a whole list of benefits and subsidies that make it possible to simplify everyday life. In order to make the living conditions in the country comfortable for all unprotected categories of citizens, the US government has developed several protection programs at once. Each company, especially the state-owned one, offers various benefits, compensation, and bonuses for its employees.

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In America, there is a particular attitude to compensation and social benefits. The state develops various policies regarding assistance to people in need, pensioners, and those who need financial assistance and support. Companies offer their employees compensation, benefits, work, and personal life efficiency, recognition, performance management, and talent development (GreggU, 2019). In addition, such a service increases the company’s rating. Benefits include payments for a child, pensions, and medical insurance (Pynes, 2004). Moreover, companies are ready to provide employees with assistance in professional development and training.

The role of each recruitment department is not only to engage in recruitment but also to calculate the salary, compensation, and benefits for each employee. Bora (n.d.) claims that compensation is a reward for an employee, helps to motivate them, and increases work efficiency. Undoubtedly, every organization strives to provide employees with certain monetary rewards in the form of bonuses or the state of compensation and benefits.

My previous work experience was in the Department of Education. The strength of the work is the provision of various health insurance plans for employees. In addition, employees are provided with multiple benefits, such as travel on public transport or discounts on certain necessary goods. Employees of the Department of Education are provided with pension payments, disability payments, or posthumous financial compensation. This financial assistance is significant for many employees, and they will choose this company based on the economic benefits that the company could provide.

Weaknesses are that employees need to devote a lot of time to work. Naturally, employees receive a salary for the work done. However, still, in order to receive benefits, it is necessary to work a certain amount of time or perform an assigned amount of work. In addition, because the HR department needs to work with each employee, they have limited motivation due to the heavy workload. Additionally, the company has no dependence on remuneration on the quality of the work performed.

The opportunities are to increase the employee’s level of job satisfaction. This can happen through bonuses and awards for the work done, as well as for apparent success in it. The Department of Education also has the opportunity to invite highly qualified employees to work. The Department of Human Resources is also engaged in increasing the initiative and responsibility of employees. The company has quite a lot of opportunities, each of which is aimed at improving the efficiency of employees.

Threats include an unstable social situation and the risk of increasing social tension. This threat may at any time have a negative impact on the receipt of social benefits to employees. One of the significant threats is also the preference of other alternative organizations by highly professional employees. In this case, there will be a leak of highly qualified personnel, or the organization will need to review the policy of remuneration and social benefits and compensation.

Undoubtedly, there are various threats and weaknesses that can create the impression of a weak human resources department. Still, any unit has its own weaknesses and threats, but there are strengths and opportunities that need to be developed and used. For example, by attracting experienced, qualified employees, the department will develop and have some success. The compensation and benefits provided will motivate employees to do a better job.

Social payments and compensations have many advantages that help people with financial support and the company itself. Such advantages include maintaining a stable socio-psychological climate in the team. Social benefits also help attract and retain effective managers and highly qualified specialists who can implement the company’s strategy (Netflix). Additional payments for young mothers help many people a lot since quite large expenses are required to maintain the child. Financial assistance and support help in the formation of a new corporate culture develops employees’ responsibility for the tasks performed, and constantly finalize the social package for employees in need.


In conclusion, this SWOT analysis helped to understand the strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats of the human resources department of the Ministry of Education. Thus, it was revealed that social benefits and benefits encourage people to perform high-quality work. Unfortunately, there is a threat of termination of some preferential programs by the state. Still, other programs of financial assistance to employees in need will likely come to replace them. Each company strives to provide its employees with the opportunity to receive wages and other monetary rewards. For many people who are looking for a job, the availability of social assistance and benefits is very important in choosing an employer company.


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