Creativity: Finding the Right People or Right Ideas?

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According to the article by Catmull (2008), based on the example of Pixar, there is an inherent divide on the question of what is best in a striving company, good ideas or excellent professionals.

It can be argued that an idea and creativity are critical, particularly in fostering innovation and progress. Without an ‘idea’, even the most competent professionals cannot solve critical problems or create that new masterpiece. However, in the words of Bill Bernach, “An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it” (Sokolova, 2015). The lack of creativity is not an issue in most organizations, with good ideas typically abound. The real problem is converting an idea into an operational reality. Ideas often go unused for years in companies, either because there is no one who recognizes its merits or is capable of implementing it to full potential (Corporate Learning Editorial Staff, 2020).

There is a reason why so much business literature focuses on successfully hiring and developing talent. It is the right people who build the framework of a great organization and move forward with its objectives and ideas (Bagley, 2013). Great talent is also scarce, just as much as ideas are perceived. There is always a war for good people between companies in an industry, not only because they bring productivity but also, they are the ones generating ideas (Keller & Meaney, 2017). Where there are good people, good ideas will appear and be fostered, reflected in the discussion by Catmull (2008) regarding the community of creators working together. Other companies such as Netflix have succeeded by hiring good people, which paid off in the long run as some of the most innovative ideas in a forward-thinking company were implemented in this environment (McCord, 2014). Managers may be excellent leaders and can both generate and oversee ideas coming to fruition, however, most struggle in the context of talent management (Chamorro-Premuzic & Kirschner, 2020). Without the right people, which in turn create the work environment and community, no good ideas will be found to create that next best thing. Even if an idea does come up – it would be hard to find someone to see its potential and turn a small spark into a flame.

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