Creativity, Innovation, and Change in Business

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Creativity is the ability to generate new and valuable ideas that may be useful in solving problems. At the same time, innovation is the practical process of implementing ideas to improve their product, service, or techniques to compete with other organizations in the marketplace. The innovation of the wheel back in 3500BCE in Mesopotamia was first made from wood and was used in animal-driven (Hussain Kanchwala, 2018). The axle was introduced to help the wheel spin freely and faster. The wheel invention resulted in the civilization of humankind as it enabled them to move efficiently and quickly. The modern wheels used now are made up of iron rims and covered around by rubber tires. The wheel has become lighter, more efficient, and long-lasting due to continuous improvement (Hussain Kanchwala, 2018). The invention of the wheel was great as we use it in our everyday lives. It facilitates much easier and faster transportation of people and goods from one place to another conveniently.

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Plastic-based waste has dramatically increased in Kuwait, but recently they have adopted good waste management where garbage is dumped in landfills, collected, and goes for recycling, treatment, or disposal. To overcome the waste problem in Kuwait, they have adopted an Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) to enforce or help apply the 4R’s and L strategy, which means, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover Landfill the waste (Alsulaili et al., 2014). The Kuwait government has established seven recycling and recovery of plastic waste and others. One creative way to avoid plastic waste is to make sure plastic industries produce bio-degradable materials. Another creative way is to use disposable agricultural waste to make packaging materials that can decompose well after disposal, i.e., the Germany Bio-solutions products.

The innovation of robots in manufacturing industries in the 21st century is a great creative idea that reshapes how factories operate. The film explains how innovation achievers both in the past and current world used technology to thrive in a fully connected and competitive world. Baxter was a robot designed by Rethink Robotics Rodney Brooks, former MIT professor Baxter (Technoid_ZA, 2021). The actualization of his robotics idea resulted in positive and negative impacts on the way companies operated. The robots are cost-effective in production due to lower operating and maintenance costs; still, no breaks like human workers. There will be improved product quality as robots will be running at a constant set required standard with minor failure. Due to reduced unnecessary breaks, leaves, or repetition of tasks prone to human workers, robots will increase production (Technoid_ZA, 2021). The introduction of robots still has a negative impact. There will be mega job losses as the physical workers will have to be dismissed from their job. They will be high initial investment costs as they need a lot of capital to purchase or assemble them. There will be another cost of hiring highly skilled staff responsible for operating and maintaining the robots.


In summary, the actualization of great creative ideas resulted in great positive, impactful innovation, leading to more accessible, faster, and cheaper ways of operating and conducting business in our dairy world than before when those innovations were not in use. i.e., the invention of the wheel resulted in an easier way of transportation, manufacturing of recycling, reusable and disposable materials avoiding plastic waste like the Germany Bio-solutions products. This will reduce plastic waste as fewer, or no more plastics will be used. The introduction of technology still has its negative impact, such as the high cost of hiring highly skilled staff responsible for operating and maintaining the robots and job loss.


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