Aspects of Transnational Management

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Transitional management is an essential procedure that can ensure the company’s efficient development. The different cultural peculiarities and behavioral patterns can contribute to successful business management. Analyzing the helpful guides and cultural differences of the territory the company is planning to work with is vital in establishing sufficient communication. The recent COVID-19 problem has significantly influenced the whole world requiring different countries to imply virus-preventing mechanisms that also affect people’s behavioral patterns and cultural habits. Thus, the analysis of the cultural peculiarities and their practical implications in the post-COVID-19 environment is essential for successful business management.

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The managers can learn more about the region’s culture they are going to communicate with using the various culture-oriented publications. For example, Dean Foster’s website provides an extensive description of the cultural clues for doing business in multiple countries (Foster, 2017). In describing Latin America, the author of the publication offers valuable tools on how to communicate during business meetings in Latin America and the Middle east. Dean Foster (2017) emphasizes which etiquette rules are applicable in particular countries. Moreover, information about non-verbal signs and language competency is also provided to ensure that the reader will not offend the locals and be able to build strong communication. Foster (2017) mentions that Middle East business meetings should be made on trust, highlighting the specific manner. It is strongly prohibited to discuss politics and dress up like local citizens.

Understanding the cultural peculiarities of particular regions is essential while performing transitional management during and after the post-COVID-19 environment. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and limitations considering personal interactions, it is crucial to consider the mentioned clues in terms of the new virus implications. Thus, planning to start a business in the Middle East or Latin America, the managers should analyze the cultural factors and how the COVID-19 issue can influence it. Some of the cultural aspects of communication vital in the pre-COVID era can be treated as offensive now. Therefore, successful transition management depends on analyzing the cultural peculiarities and the global problems like COVID-19 consequences and current market implications.


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