Culture and Marketing Communications in International Environments

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Culture plays a crucial role in a non-native environment. The development will be positively impacted if one considers it in marketing and routine operations.

When establishing and marketing an office in a new country, a banking organization cannot underestimate the role of culture. For example, the population may not trust banks and prefers to keep savings at home. Consequently, the marketing strategy should be more vigorous, aiming to convince the local population that opening deposits are beneficial, especially if the competition is non-existent. Simultaneously, the promotional means should reflect the understanding of culture as one cannot simply adopt a billboard from another country and expect it to work. A culturally conscious organization will be noticed positively, leading to overall organizational development.

An individual employee, who is likely to be an expatriate, should also mind the assigned country’s culture. For instance, if someone is in charge of a social media account advertising a new office, they should use the state’s official language, pay attention to the speech register, and attempt to make posts appear fluent, respectful, and genuine. On the other hand, the local users will notice if the bank uses Google Translate, disregards any etiquette notions, and chooses not to employ its services. An employee who contributes to the organization’s success by understanding the host country’s culture is likely to be promoted, leading to their professional development.

Lastly, while trying to be a good professional, a person will eventually want to know more about the country’s culture, such as mainstream media. They may start to transform under its influence, especially if the values are compatible. At some point, their communication, both official and informal, will be determined by personal experience rather than theoretical knowledge. While it will inevitably benefit the other two levels, the individual may choose to remain in the country permanently or cherish the experience that made them develop into better people.