Nostalgia Marketing and Promotional Strategy

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Big brands use nostalgia in their marketing campaigns and even incorporate it into their strategy. This is how companies attract different generations and establish an emotional connection with them. Nostalgic marketing works because it gives the promoted product an emotional value. Brands that have been on the market for a long time have a broad audience, as they have caught several generations of consumers. Such companies have great potential in using nostalgia in the long term.

The first picture was of a Nintendo video console, and this picture was shown to the young man. In his memories, thoughts of a carefree childhood, a bottle of soda, and an endless game on this console surfaced. He spoke warmly about his memories and decided to find his once-favorite toy. Many people wanted the company to bring the console back to the market. The company released a limited edition video console of the past with 30 video games. Of course, the new model is different from the classic one, but it evokes a sense of nostalgia and allows people to take a break from the ever-changing video game market.

The second picture showed Chuckles Jelly candies. The image was shown to two adult women, one of whom recalled how she loved it when her parents brought her these candies after work. She tried them in a modern version, but they were not the same as before. Another woman said that she also loved them as a child. She said that among them, there were five flavors and the most disliked were licorice. They were delighted with such nostalgic memories and reported that they were very sorry that modern children do not have the opportunity to taste the sweets of the past. In this case, the company can release a limited edition of these candies in packaging from the past with the slogan stating that this is the same taste as before.

In conclusion, nostalgic marketing hides many potentials as it reminds people when they were happy and creates an emotional connection between brand and audience. Such content has every chance of going viral. It may take extra effort to create a successful campaign, but the payoff will be much greater. Nostalgia blunts feelings of loneliness, boredom, and anxiety and also causes positive emotions. Thus, when brands use nostalgic marketing, they rely on these positive, genuine emotions and build trusting relationships with customers.