Desert Communications Company’s Change Management

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Operational change is a process through which a company evaluates the way that it operates so that it could come out with ways to sustain itself in the market. Desert Communications Inc. is a company that has been operating in the communications market for a long time, and through this, the managers may have ignored the changes that may have been taking place in the industry. Consequently, in order to reach its full potential, the company has to reorganize itself. The paper discusses the aforementioned company, the operational change that should be carried out, and the training process.


In order to maximize its profit, the company has to be involved in a number of strategies that would be essential in the change process. The change processes involves a number of intricacies, and they include working on phone insurance, additional minutes, and roadside service. Change in the organization needs a lot of input and this includes product redevelopment. The re-development will be effective when there is the analysis of the whole market to come out with a clearer picture of how the whole change process is taking shape (Yukl, 2010, p. 6).

In this regard, then it means that there would be an examination of the customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is essential since they are the backbone of the business, and it is the main reason as to why the analysis on change is carried out. The employees should be taught on how they can ensure there is customer satisfaction in the new services, and be taught on how they can increase the percentage sales. This can only be ensured when there are concerted efforts by all the members of the team.

Group, and team collaboration to facilitate the success of training

Through team, and group collaboration, there is the process through which the operational change may be made possible. In training, there is always the need to have concerted effort, combined effort means that there is the need of collaborative input, and hence each member must work as one to help realize the dream (Yukl, 2010, p. 15). Unity is something that cannot be ignored in any work area, and thus, in the training process, the goals would only be realized if each member works with the other. Accordingly, group and team collaboration is the only way through which the success of training of operational change may be realized.

Tactics that will be used to identify and minimize conflict

There are a number of ways through which conflict may be minimized in the organization, and firstly is through ensuring that each team member is equal to the other in the group. What this would lead to is respect, and minimization of conflict (Yukl, 2010, p. 21). The other way is to create a process through which each member would be encouraged to respect the views of the other. This would lead to maximization of input, and eventually minimization of conflict.


In conclusion, Desert Communications Inc. has a number of ways through which it may ensure that it has provided the right services. One of the ways is offering its employees training on change. However, in offering the training, the officials in the organization have to ensure that it is a success, and one way of ensuring this is to make sure that each employee works with the other in the endeavor. This in return would aid in increasing the profits of the business, and creating a bright future for the organization.


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