Management Requirements for Goals Achievement

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For any business to achieve success there should be a stronger individual that is capable of managing the employees properly. Managers often hold responsibilities of leading their firm towards goal achievement to thrive in the competitive market. Lorachester suggests that the knowledge that the qualified managers possess is not enough to produce the desired leadership skills, hence a need to update on the technological developments available (Lorachester, 2010). This paper analyzes the requirements needed for a manager to achieve successful developments in managing their organization towards goal achievement.

Requirements of successful management

The skills needed to achieve successful management need to extend beyond the knowledge gained in the classroom qualification. Good managers have a close relationship with their subordinates in the working field as they practically guide on the instructions issued. This implies that they need to lead using examples and offer advice based on their actions. Research has articulated the management process to offer friendly relations and seize on providing demands. The employees recruited by the organization are mostly composed of highly qualified individuals who have been trained to deliver exceptional results. Good management listens to the opinions of the creative staff members providing the proper guidelines for personal opinion. After all, the success of any organization emanates from the team effort that the entire staff contributes to in the goal achievement process. However, there have been organizations that have applied the traditional top-down process of management that has generated unsatisfied employees (Lorachester, 2010). The management focused on achieving development is considered flexible to change and identifies the areas that fail to satisfy the clients improving on employees necessities. There are departments within an organization and are charged with variable tasks. The company is built to serve its clients and employees who contact the consumers would know the changes needed to generate maximum profits. Successful management carries out market survey via its employees and provides a platform for the views are shared to ensure total employee and customer satisfaction.

How to achieve successful management

Flexibility is the quality needed to achieve successful management and this normally applies to addressing the desired changes. The objectives of an organization are mostly constant, and should not be subjected to change, but the ultimate goal is normally centered towards profit generation. To eliminate undesired competition from key players in the society, an organization needs to change its organizational routine (Lorachester, 2010). The HR department should be properly maintained, and qualified individuals capable of observing desired changes recruited within its management. This entity is achieved by allowing a platform for employees to air their views on the proper measures to be undertaken to ensure goal achievement is witnessed. The desired competition within the staff members is an added strategy to ensure that a company thrives in the market. Managers need to introduce an incentive program that generates employee satisfaction. The implication that is presented to manage people effectively within the organization is to change its structure away from the traditional military system to the proper procedure encouraging employee to employer dialogue.


Managing individuals of different attitudes is a difficult task within an organization. Successful management has generated new policies in achieving employee approval that promotes positive organizational development. There is a need to be effective in the skills acquired in achieving positive management skills, and the mere educational qualification does not support healthy leadership. Personal attributes contribute massively in ensuring employee approval as members are allowed to air their opinions openly. When these provisions are observed, there is a culture generated that communicates better with the people, therefore, creating a platform to work effectively towards goal achievement.


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