Deutsche PostWorldNet’s Organisational Development

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Research indicates that DPWN has been practicing organizational development which is a process that an organization uses to develop its internal capacity such that it becomes effective and in the long run sustain itself. Organization development is closely related to achieving the mission of the organization. This is normally an effort that is planned at the organization level. In organizational development, there is a change in attitudes, beliefs and values and even the organizational structure. Through this, there is a better adaptation to challenges, markets and new technologies in DPWN. It involves system development, self-analysis and organizational reflection. Under this organizational development, we find that DPWN employees’ skills are improved. This has been very beneficial to DPWN and even to the managers.

According to the research conducted we find that DPWN has been carrying out training as a planned program to improve and bring about changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and social behavior. When training is done it brings along the development. Development is a long-term educational process aimed at preparing employees for future responsibility through the acquisition of new experience, skills, knowledge and attitudes. All employees in DPWN undergo a training program in the case where there is the implementation of new technology in the company. New employees in the industry are always job trained so that they can be able to adapt to the functions of DPWN and also operate in the way the company operates.

Training involves Behavior modification which is normally carried out in a formal and systematic manner in DPWN. It is a result of planned experience, instruction and education. Training and education play a big role in the achievement of the innovation goals of the DPWN. Most of these goals in this company are normally long term in nature. Training is part of the strategic framework of the company. It produces a comprehensive and coherent plan that helps in developing employees and other stakeholders in the mailing company. This company has been using individual reward systems to improve the performance of employees by incorporating appraisal or promotion for employees who have a good record of performance. Another way through which DPWN uses reward systems to improve performance is through personalizing the reward.

Many organizations put the rewards to be so general that some employees don’t actually value them. By personalizing the reward there is the anchoring of the meaning of achievement more deeply than if it is treated as an administrative task that is mechanical. Managers in DPWN usually ensure that the reward systems are designed based on the SMART criteria. This means that they are always specific, meaningful, achievable, reliable and timely. The implementation of the reward systems DPWN has actually led to the improvement of the performance of the workforce.