Evaluating a Company’s Attitude Toward Social Responsibility

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The concept of social responsibility is not a new trend that is being introduced to most of the corporate world today. This concept has been in existence for the better part of the century but only a few of the corporate world has embraced this concept. Company Q is torn between the financial implications of making the company engage in the social responsibility being a foodstuff business, and maximizing on the cash inflows, bearing in mind the shareholders’ interest. The company management needs to realize that challenges that are being faced by companies are in no way related to their social corporate responsibilities. In this breadth, the management of company Q needs to realize that they have an obligation towards giving back to society, be it financially or through other means, that will help a certain part of the society. It is prudent for business entities to donate more goods and services to the people who need them, or to charitable events, or to the least keep tabs with the current problems that need solutions.

There are many issues that managers can do to involve their organizations in corporate responsibility. It should be the responsibility of the managers to ensure that their company behaves ethically. Company Q is supposed to take responsibility and uphold accountability that at the end of the day will uplift the overall well-being of society.

Company Q should set up a whistle-blowing system to curd suspicions of fraud within the employees that work for the company. This should be able to improve the integrity program of the company in view of the concerns relating to fraud. This will enable the company to respond to the requests for information or how they can provide responses to the company regarding their concerns about suspicious events in the company with the utmost confidentiality. The flow of this kind of information should be very efficient and fast whether the cases being handled have been substantiated or those that are being highly suspected to have contravened certain company policies. The company should employ people who have high reputations and have worked well in institutions that uphold the concept of whistle-blowing. The company may contract an independent group to handle the whistle-blowing activities. This will serve to avert the concerns that the company has about fraud. After an intensive implementation of the proposed recommendations, the company may involve itself in several social responsibilities as society requires them.

There are several things that a company can do in order to protect itself against theft and robbery in an area with a high crime rate. The first thing is the use of padlocks and locks. The locks should be placed on all outside and inside entrances. The inside deadbolts can be implemented by use of cylindrical deadbolts that have removable collars. They should be hardened steel and reinforced on the hasps and should always be locked. Doors should be solid metal and their hinges are fixed hard to prevent them from being removed. The windows should also have secured locks with burglar-resistant glass, e.g., installing a polyester security film. There should be plenty of light inside and outside the company outlets with vandal-proof covers for both the light and the source of the light. There should be an alarm system possibly supplied by a reputable security company with a central monitoring unit. This will trigger a signal whenever the perimeter of the store has been breached. Advertise the presence of the security company to deter break-ins with the company’s sticker or yard sign to use as a defense tactic.

The cash register should be kept in open view at a place outside the building of the outlet for easy monitoring and should be left empty when it is not being used. The outlet should have a safe box that is burglar resistant, water and fireproof, and securely anchored in open view. The combinations of the safe should be changed frequently, and when an employee has been released from employment. Furthermore, the exteriors should be very visible starting from the roofs, basements, and walls. The landscape should be visible. The trash cans, vehicles, or equipment that may provide concealment should be removed. The perimeter fences should be good enough to keep intruders away whilst giving the business good visibility for passers-by or the police during patrols. The control of keys and ID numbers should be safely kept safely and no duplicates should be made. All this is to protect against issues that will cause uncertainty against particular locations.

Company Q is a company that offers services that are used by the community on a day-to-day basis. This means that the community as a whole needs to access the services offered by the company in order for them to enjoy maximum standards of life. By experiencing a frequent aspect of pilferage means that the company has poor customer and employee relations. The company should activate the relationship with the employees and the neighboring community to prevent them from engaging in activities that will hurt the company and at the end of the day hurt the services to the community. This can be done by carrying out awareness against crime, promoting employment for the youth from the local community.

With this recommendation, it is expected that company Q will be able to restore its working and alleviate fears of internal or external factors that will affect its operations.