Digital Television Promotion over Analogous One

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Motivation theory can be used in this case scenario because the government in advance wants people to change over to digital TV. The motivation theory will come in handy because it basically reflects the real psychological force (unconscious forces), which helps to shape an individual’s behaviour. What happens is that the individual doesn’t know their own motivations. And here the government can use the indecision to push the product they want the general public to adopt, and in this case, it can be the digital TV why because the digital TV will be able to provide the television stations to broadcast their programs in a very high resolution along with much clarity from any other current analogue television. The general public will be able to receive high-quality and crystal clear visuals, which will be displayed in a wide-screen format. Plus, now that the compression techniques have been introduced, it has helped the public television stations to broadcast more than one high definition digital programming at the same time along with stereo sound and a higher quality picture than we have today, and it can be only viewed on a digital TV.

This is one of the reasons why these days digital TV’s are more in fashion and in use rather than analogue TVs. To quickly change over the analogue TV to a digital one, the government can provide a specific date or provide a month to the general public to switch to a digital one before they ban it from society. And they can use the motivation theory to persuade them to switch to a digital one by telling them that if they do that, they will be more accepted within the society and it is more affordable on anyone’s income plus buying a digital TV will have a status in one’s socialising network.