Ducati’s and Harley-Davidson’s E-Commerce Strategies

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Laudon argues e-business is the use of the internet and digital technology to execute all the business processes in the enterprise includes e-commerce, as well as processes for the internal management of the firm and for coordination with suppliers and other business partners. On the other hand, e-commerce refers to the process of buying and selling goods and services electronically involving transactions using the internet, networks, and other digital technologies. Strategy is the specific actions taken to achieve the goals and the objectives of the organization. Ducati radically changed its business process, which previously worked with a narrow value chain to value network. In a value network all, the customers, suppliers, dealers, sponsors and other stakeholders integrate into a single network. Its main e-commerce strategy is to maintain all of its transactions through the internet.

That is why they enter into the dot.com business. Some of the models of the motorbike Ducati are not available in the physical outlet of dealers. The customer gets it through the internet. Some extension of the existing models is also available in the internet store. As a part of e-business, Ducati maintains a strong relationship with its suppliers and dealers to create a value network. Through the internet, Ducati can make direct contact with their customer and inform them about the new products of the company. Thus, customers themselves are the marking tools for the company. In the case of Harley-Davidson, they are not adopting the e-commerce or e-business strategy. Their main strategy is to maintain a strong relationship with their customers and dealers. Harley-Davidson takes a special program to pursue the crate a core customer base. Therefore, it is apparent that the strategy is different between Ducati and Harley-Davidson, whereas Ducati stresses the virtual network and Harley-Davison stress the physical network.