Effective Approaches for Influencing Subordinates

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Modern communication technologies offer multiple opportunities for improved management and attainment of better outcomes. One of the possible improvements is related to the sphere of working with subordinates. Several useful options can be used regarding the task. First, some video conferencing software can be used to organize meetings and share essential information.

Today, there is a wide array of applications available for managers, such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting. It will help to increase convenience and plan meetings regardless of the geographical location of a person. Second, cloud services should be used for sharing data about the company and its current state and providing subordinates with detailed instructions on how to act. Combining these two methods, it is possible to create a digitalized environment with multiple options for enhanced cooperation and data sharing. Moreover, the use of these approaches is a key factor in cultivating creative and innovative leadership.

The ability to introduce new ideas and ensure their implementation can be linked to communication technologies available to managers nowadays. For instance, brainstorming as a potent tool to create an unusual resolution to the problem can be enhanced using the video conferencing software mentioned above. The involvement of a bigger number of subordinates in the discussion will contribute to better decision-making and help to elaborate new approaches guaranteeing the generation of competitive advantage and the future success of the company. In such a way, the effectiveness of the method is justified by the basic principles of creative and innovative leadership and is vital for the organization. The shift towards the extensive use of technologies will cultivate a new model of cooperation between a leader and followers, which is the desired outcome.