Emaar Company’s Career Development Program

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This essay examines Emaar Company by examining the company’s Career Development Program. The essay also examines the practices and policies adopted by the company. I will begin by analyzing how the company provides its employees with career support, talent management, and help in achieving its objectives. I will provide a complete company profile, its goals, mission, line of business, and corporate strategy. This will be followed by a description of the roles of various employees from top to lower-level staff.

Career Development Program

At Emaar, employees get a chance of improving their careers. The managers at Emaar supervise the performance of the employees daily using a management system. Through this system, the managers are providing the employees with assessments that are relevant and accurate to help them grow and develop their careers. Emaar considers various competences before an employee is hired, which ensures that they are competent and grow within the company.

Emaar uses Appraisal performance as a tool to ensure career growth at all levels of the organization from top to bottom. Appraisals at Emaar are conducted quarterly and annually. The aim is to promote and evaluate employees, their weaknesses, and strengths. All information obtained through appraisals at Emaar is kept confidential and is only used to make decisions by supervisors and managers.

Information about the Company

Company’s name: Emaar Company. The company was established in 1997 continued to influence the lives of people in the UAE. Emaar aims at creating communities, which are master-planned, and tries to meet the needs of the clients. Emaar recently completed a project in Downtown Dubai. This was a mega-project built on 500-acres, which included the tallest construction in the world for the building of Armani Hotel Dubai, the Dubai Mall, and Atmosphere, which is the highest restaurant in the world. Emaar has recently gone global spreading its presence and influence to Lebanon, Morocco, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, the USA, Syria, Pakistan, and India. Emaar has continued to pursue its core business while diversifying further, which has seen it build value for its shareholders (Birchall, 2012).

Mission, Vision, Strategy, Values

The mission of Emaar is to transform into a global solution provider of finance, health, leisure, education, homes, retail, and play industry. Its mission is to become synonymous to “Quality Lifestyle across the Globe.” Emaar’s vision is to become a valuable real estate developer. To achieve its mission and vision as a company, Emaar has put in place a corporate strategy (Rawlinson, 2013). The strategy is to create various business clusters that will function as its engines for growth. The company’s purpose is to create engines and unite them into a single entity known as “The Emaar Group PJSC.”

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

There has been a major shift in the way managers view the reputation of their companies. This shift has been mostly a result of activism, changes in the ways of communication, and globalization. The biggest corporate challenge for managers has, therefore, become the enhancement and protection of the company’s corporate reputation. Emaar seeks to align its systems, activities, and policies with the values, to which it subscribes. The company has set up the Advisory Council to ensure that risks associated with the environmental and social impacts of Emaar’s business process are taken care of. The company also seeks to keep its stakeholders informed to enhance its overall engagement.


At Emaar, the aim is to ensure that clients are provided with excellent products and services. To achieve this, the company organizes regular formal training combined with day-to-day experiences that equip the employees with the necessary skills. The company provides opportunities, support, and ample guidance that are necessary to make them confident and proud to enhance their careers. As an equal opportunity employer, Emaar seeks to promote diversity offering people from all walks of life a chance to grow (Deparle, 2007).

At Emaar, there are many aspects of Performance Management. For them, it is a cycle that starts at the hiring stage. After an employee is hired, there is a daily performance evaluation and management. Every year, the employees are put through performance appraisals. Various committees within the organization are involved in the hiring process, and they consider various factors before someone is employed. These factors include motivation, adaptability, quality of work, self and professional development, communication skills, and ability to work in a team.

Roles and Responsibilities at Each Level at Emaar Company

Emaar has a Board that provides it with proper governance on behalf of the shareholders. The main responsibility of the board is to balance the interests of the customers, employees, the local community, stakeholders, and suppliers. The Board is responsible for reviewing and approving the company’s strategic plans, major investments, funding, business plans, initiatives, and performance. It is also the board at Emaar that decides on the remuneration of senior managers within the company. The Board is expected to provide useful insight, always acting in the best interests of the shareholders and the company as a whole.

Ways in which Emaar Can Facilitate the Career Development of Women and Dual Career Couples

There are more men than women in the top management of Emaar. There is a need for the company to encourage women to develop their careers and to advance through the ranks. This can be done by mentoring young women who join the organization, regularly coaching them, and even providing sponsors for them. A sponsor will guide the woman throughout her career at Emaar, demonstrating and demanding the same commitment.

Succession Planning at Emaar Company

Succession planning at Emaar has helped in ensuring that skills and talents are available when the company needs them. This planning also ensures that when the employees who are critical for the company leave, the company will continue running profitably. Emaar has already put in place mechanisms for the replacement of staff members that die, retire, or quit. Succession planning at Emaar has ensured that programs are created to attract qualified and talented employees. The company has put in place training programs for junior employees to ensure that knowledge from more experienced employees is passed to newer employees.

Mentoring Approach and Career Planning Workshops Can prove to Be an Asset at Emaar

At Emaar, the management has put in place a mentoring program that pairs experienced employees with new ones. The new employees benefit from the experienced ones while the senior employees grow by mentoring others. New employees at Emaar are also giving training that will help their careers grow. This training helps in inducting new employees into the new work environment. They are taken through the mission, vision, and goals of the company. New employees are also introduced to other various aspects of the firm and the expectations that the company has for them as well as the avenues for growth available to them while working at Emaar.


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